Diandra Soares
Diandra SoaresDiandra Soares/ Twitter

After Diandra Soares was taken to a hospital close to where the "Bigg Boss 8" house is located, there were reports speculating the supermodel being pregnant with co-contestant Gautam Gulati's child.

However, the theory was proven wrong after it was reported that the speculations were baseless and the housemate was taken away for a routine check-up.

"She has not been keeping well since quite a few days. It's because of this she had to see a doctor. The pregnancy reports are disgusting and baseless," Bollywood Life quoted a source from the sets of "BB8" as saying.

Such rumours didn't go down well with both the fans and the family members. Benedict Soares slammed the reports saying he knew his daughter well and added that the supermodel couldn't have done something that would hurt him.

"It's all nonsense and rubbish. It's a work of some crazy journalist who wanted to get some cheap publicity. I am an open minded person. If there was anything of that sort, I would have told everyone," BL quoted him as saying.

Diandra, who has been evicted from the high-voltage reality show, is reportedly very upset with the rumours around her and Gulati's whirlwind romance. "I was extremely happy to meet her after such a long time. Though she was upset with all these reports, but we had a chat and told her to just move on. She is out of that house and it's over. I am very proud with the way she conducted herself," Benedict added.

Diandra and Gautam hit it off really well during the initial weeks of the show, but the chemistry faded away gradually, after which they were at loggerheads with each other. The romance blossomed another time during the 'Gautam City' task wherein the suave contestant worked his inimitable charm on the supermodel.

They were often seen running away to the restroom area for some alone and intimate time. However, things between the two came to an abrupt end after the "BB8" party during which Gulati was advised by some of his celebrity friends to distance himself from Soares' bold ways adding that his growing closeness with her was not seen in a good light. The "Diya Aur Baati Hum" made it clear to Soares the morning after that he would like to maintain a clean friendship sans the hugs and kisses.