Ali Mirza and Dimpy Mahajan
'Bigg Boss 8': Dimpy, Puneet to Take Lie Detector Test; Kapil Sharma, Gutthi, Bua to Entertain ContestantsTwitter

Day 96 at the "Bigg Boss 8" house started with Sonali Raut bragging about herself and claiming that no major fights broke out inside the house during her captaincy.

Dimpy Mahajan, however, had a different opinion and mentioned that it was the captain's lack of authority that led to no fights inside the house. Sonali who refused to admit to Dimpy's point maintained that her captaincy went on quite smoothly.

The discussion was soon joined by the other in-mates who unanimously agreed that Sonali herself broke many rules of the house. This led to a heated argument between "The Xpose" actress and Upen Patel. The former blamed Upen for spreading false rumours about her sleeping during day time. Upen, however, refused to take his words back and maintained that she broke an important rule of the house by sleeping during the day. 

Later, Bigg Boss announced the end of Sonali's captaincy term and invited contestants to the confession room to present their candidature for the next captaincy round.

Ali was the first one to rush to the confession room to present his candidature and was given the opportunity to choose another housemate as his competitor for the captaincy task. Knowing Sonali as a weaker contender, Ali picked her name as his opponent.

For the captaincy task, Ali and Sonali had to raise their right hand and hold a flag for the maximum time possible. Although, Sonali could manage to hold the flag for a long period, she gave up helping Ali emerge as the new captain.

The prelude of the next episode has a lot in store. Dimpy and Puneet Issar will be seen taking up a lie detector test that will determine their loyalty towards other contestants. The test is expected to result in a major fight inside the house in the coming week.

However, Saturday's episode will have comedy king Kapil Sharma and the other members of his show "Comedy Nights with Kapil" making an entry into the house. With Kapil on board, it is expected that the contestants as well as the audience will have some fun time with the stand-up comedian's tongue-in-cheek humour.