Gautam Gulati
Gautam GulatiGautam Gulati/ Instagram

"Bigg Boss 8" contestants Gautam Gulati and Diandra Soares' whirlwind romance was brought to an abrupt halt by the former, which left the supermodel majorly disappointed.

However, looks like the split has affected the actor too as according to the live feed images, Gulati has been spotted shedding tears. While some sympathised speculating he was majorly upset for having broken up with Soares inappropriately, rest believed it was all for the camera.

Cut to the big fat "BB8" party attended by housemates' celebrity friends, which played a spoilsport. Some of Gulati's guests were heard advising him against Soares. Sambhavna Seth and Rahul Mahajan made it clear that his attraction for his girl was affecting popularity adding that his family isn't too supportive of the relationship.

The morning after, he reasoned it out with Soares saying it would be best if they maintained distance and not indulge in unnecessary PDA. The said contestant was hurt at the comment and was later spotted sharing her feelings with Dimpy Mahajan.

Calling the move immature and silly, Soares while on her way out of the show opined that he should 'grow up' and take a stand when he has to. But, also wished him well in life. Salman Khan condemned Gulati's callow act suggesting he could have put it in a better way.

The actor, who was man enough to own up his mistakes, later said he didn't choose proper words to address the issue adding that he has immense respect for Soares.

The two were in a relationship that was nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. During the initial days, they hung out often, but thanks to a couple of misunderstandings the duo took separate ways only to join during the 'Gautam City' tasks.

After a few walks down the garden aisle and massages by the swimming pool, Soares put behind her inhibitions finally warming upto his man. What followed next were romantic getaways (to the restroom) and some sweet nothings. All was well till the time Gulati fell prey to some outside information.