'Bigg Boss 8': Diandra's Tonsured Look, Karishma-Puneet's Family Drama and Other Reasons Why This Season will be a Hit
'Bigg Boss 8' contestants (from left) Gautam Gulati, Diandra Soares and Karishma Tanna.Bigg Boss 8/ Facebook

"Bigg Boss 8", which started on a dull yet surprisingly positive note, has now begun to take the ugly turn.

With Gautam Gulati hurling abuses at Karishma Tanna during one of tasks, and Tanna demanding disqualification of the former, things have just started to become interesting.

However, there are a few more aspects, which will make this season taste super success.

Crazy-haired Diandra Soares is already a hit for her 'special' friendship with Gulati. But, if rumours are anything to go by, the model will soon go bald for the show. She had earlier made headlines for her bald look and was appreciated by many for sporting the tonsure so effortlessly.

"Diandra is very particular about her hair and she needs the beauty products to maintain it. Wherever she goes, the first thing she buys is a hair product. She is known to play with her hair styles, either curling it, straightning it, colouring it – something different from the normal. Since she hasn't been allowed to take her hair accessories and products inside, chances of her shaving off her mane are high," Bollywood Life quoted a source close to her.

While that would be interesting, another major reason for it to become a complete entertainer is its tendency to transform into a family drama. After Tanna was yelled at, Puneet Issar threatened to kill Gulati. And in no time, they were shedding tears and sharing group hugs.

A few couple formation can be expected. Sukirti Kandpal's fondness for Upen Patel is too early to judge but she is often seen warming up to the model-turned-actor. Soares and Gulati were bonding, but it fizzled out soon.

Sushant Divgikar's presence is a superhit in itself. Throwing tantrums and entertaining the lot, the Mr Gay India 2014 is for sure a jackpot.

Gossiping over dinner is another attraction for the viewers. After a tiring day of tasks, contestants are often found expressing their strong opinions with inmates around the house. And the opinions will then be followed by fights and heated arguments. Soni Singh and Kanpal have already indulged in some of the spiciest sessions.