Diandra Soares, Gautam Gulati
Diandra Soares slaps Gautam Gulati, says he isn't trust worthyBigg Boss 8/ Facebook

"Weekend ka Vaar" with Salman Khan was pure entertainment.

After singing and dancing to "Bigg Boss 8" anthem, the host played a fun game with the housemates. While Ali Quli Mirza was asked to name a person who did not deserve to stay in the house any longer, Diandra Soares was told to choose a hero from the contestants.

Surprising everyone, Mirza took Karishma Tanna's name adding that she somehow escapes eviction every week. The leggy lass, in her defence, said she fails to understand the logics he usually gives for the things he does.

Soares, on the other hand, tagged Gautam Gulati as the hero of the house, but labelled Sonali Raut as the "zero". As shown in the exclusive footage, the Soares-Gulati friendship has clearly thickened, wherein the latter can take the liberty to request the supermodel to dress up every day.

Their "special" bond had taken an unexpected turn during the Gautam City task. While Soares was spotted feeding lunch to Gulati, the "Diya aur Baati Hum" actor was clearing his name and also expressing an interest in going out on a date with her.

Raut, who draws massive flak for being lazy, appeared confident and cocky during the show. When Salman called her an alien, she too quipped saying she is aware that she possesses "superhuman" qualities.

Nigaar Khan, who was nominated along with Dimpy Mahajan, Tanna and Raut, was evicted and while on her way out said she never thought she had made people think negatively about her. The ex-contestant nominated Upen Patel directly for next week's elimination and said he was a big misfit in the house.

Earning herself the title of "Cry Baby" and "Miss Crocodile Tears", Nigaar's journey wasn't an easy one for sure. After making a stellar entry with the hotel luxury budget task, the model-actress faded considerably.