Diandra Soares
Diandra SoaresDiandra Soares/Twitter

"Bigg Boss 8" housemates, apart from Gautam Gulati of course, must have long forgotten Diandra Soares after she was eliminated last week, but the viewers can't seem to get enough of the supermodel.

Known for her strong and flamboyant personality, Diandra turned out to be quite an eye sore for many during her stay. But, after she was shown the doors, the audience seems to have developed a liking for the ex-inmate.

And Diandra too is pretty hungover from the madness the show has had to offer. Ever since her elimination, she has been retweeting posts from her admirers and haters alike. However, when one of her many followers asked her if it was possible for her to get back to the show, she quickly replied writing, "let's hope so!"

So is there a chance of her re-entering the show as a wild card entry? Only time will tell.

Her stint at the mad house was nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. From getting into no-talk situation with Gautam to sharing intimate moments with the actor in the confines of the restroom, the no-nonsense contestant has seen extreme highs and lows while at the show.

The kissing episode gave a major TRP boost, but Gautam's fans and family members didn't take it too well. Oblivious of what's happening in the world, he continued his washroom escapades with the supermodel. However, his wake up call came in the form of Sambhavna Seth, a guest at the "BB8" party, who advised him against his girl.

The relationship ended on a bitter note but Gautam recently admitted to have kissed the supermodel adding that he would iron out their differences as soon as he leaves the show. The actor also said that he was missing her in the house, and as a response to it Diandra cutely tweeted, "Going to sleep wt happy positive thoughts, stay strong GG, I miss u too n I believe this was real & true..sweetdreams."