Gautam Gulati, Diandra Soares
Gautam Gulati, Diandra SoaresSnapshot from Colors' video

Gautam Gulati's family might disapprove of his growing closeness to 34-year-old supermodel Diandra Soares, but the latter's father Benedict Soares says his daughter is an adult and knows what to do.

"I have no idea what's happening between them. Like every one else, I can only see it. In any case, that's up to her. Diandra is a grown-up girl, an adult and knows what she is doing. And no, as a family, we have no problem. Also, it's a show," DNA quoted him as saying.

After Diandra's wild birthday gift to her man in a locked bathroom, viewers blasted the duo on social media. And, going by Gautam's mother's comments on the episode, she too wasn't very pleased on seeing her son nuzzle up to the co-contestant.

"The two might be getting close on the show, but I can give you in writing that nothing is happening between them. It is just for a short while. I am sure that Gautam will forget all about it, when he comes out," she told The Times of India, adding that since her son is at least 15 years younger than his girl, there cannot possibly be any bonding there.

On the other hand, the supermodel's father doesn't seem to have a strong opinion as Gautam's family. "Look, everybody has their opinion. We stay in Mumbai and it's a city where anything can happen. Also, this has happened inside the house, so it's become a big thing. What would you do if it was outside?," he asked.

The parent, who is sure of his daughter's win, called Gautam a quiet person and someone who reacts only when rubbed the wrong way. However, he also said that since he has never interacted with him it would be too soon to form any opinion as his intentions are unclear.