'Bigg Boss 8': Gautam and Diandra Call Each Other 'Sweetheart', Karishma and Arya Conspire Elimination
'Bigg Boss 8': Gautam and Diandra Call Each Other 'Sweetheart', Karishma and Arya Conspire EliminationBigg Boss 8/ Facebook

The third day at "Bigg Boss 8" house did see some friction.

After the contestants were relieved of their tasks, Praneet Bhatt and Soni Singh were upgraded to the business class. With cushioned seats and delicious short eats, the experience for them is for sure going to be a good one.

Sushant Divgikar, who was visibly thrilled about the plush class, pretended to be Singh's neighbor and jokingly asked her for some sugar.

Interestingly, after requesting for 4 days straight, Bhatt was sent an envelope with his innerwear in it.

While the inmates were in a fun mood doing the chores around the house, the Secret Society members unlocked the kitchen area with supplies. Karishma Tanna, Minissha Lamba and Singh cooked dinner, but Gautam Gulati was miffed for not having been allowed in the kitchen.

Taking it in a wrong way, Gulati told Upen Patel that he doesn't appreciate the way Tanna bosses around and calls the shots. Asking the former to calm down, the "36 China Town" actor said it is necessary to keep control of one's emotions.

On the other hand, Arya Babbar and Tanna were caught conspiring about the elimination round on camera. They both agreed on not nominating each other, but at the same time did not decide on a contestant they would want to vote out.

Gulati and Diandra Soares were spotted bonding big time. While, the Delhi boy was doling out tips on how to wash clothes right, the crazy-haired model addressed him as 'cuteheart'. That's not all, the two are already so smitten that they decided to fall asleep holding each other's hand. Poking fun at the gesture, Patel and a few other inmates were criticising their equation.

However, the first nomination will take place on Thursday, 9pm onwards, in which each contestant will have to burn the photo of that one inmate they wish to deplane.