Gautam Gulati
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With Farah Khan switching places with the ever-charming Salman Khan as "Bigg Boss Halla Bol" host, things got off to a different start.

Painstakingly boring or does the new host need a few more episodes before she gets comfortable with the format? Only time will tell.

Before entering the high-voltage reality show, the "Happy New Year" director reportedly said her favourite contestant is Gautam Gulati, who, she believes, is the 'Hero' of the house. Cut to the "Diya Aur Baati Hum" actor being rechristened "Gullu", which by the way, is hated by Diandra Soares.

She even took to Twitter to express her disgust over the new name. Replying to one of her followers questions, she said how horrible she found the name to be.

Challengers Mahek Chahal, Rahul Mahajan and Sana Khan were introduced over the course of the episode and quite obviously shocked the Champions as they weren't expecting to compete with a bunch of outsiders.

However, as opposed to what was being thought, the housemates welcomed the Challengers warmly adding that they would help them reenergize now.

Ajaz Khan, who was sent to the house last week, was criticised by Farah for not having entertained the viewers. As a result of this he was asked to be Rahul's slave. But he refused saying the only people he would want to serve are his parents.

In other news, a fun task was played during which Gautam was picked most times for being a potential threat to the contestants, whereas Ali Quli Mirza was termed as a 'zero'.

The viewers were then shown Salman Khan's special message for the contestants during which he announced his exit promising that he would watch every episode and if he feels the need to advise he will find a way to reach them.

He also requests the inmates to behave appropriately with the hostess and that she would try her best to guide them. The superstar also pointed out that how the Challengers are in an uncomfortable and unfair position adding that the Champions needn't fret over it and concentrate on playing the game in a fair manner.