Gautam Gulati, Diandra Soares
Gautam Gulati, Diandra SoaresColors TV video

"Bigg Boss" is undoubtedly one of the most controversial reality shows with tiffs, cat fights, gossip, link-up and break-ups to entertain the audience, thus making it the most watched television show.

Even the ongoing season has its share of controversies, although the eighth edition is not as exciting compared to the previous seasons.

Check out some of the most controversial moments of "Bigg Boss 8":

Ali Quli Mirza-Sonali Raut conflict:‚Äč In one of the episodes, Ali had inappropriately touched Sonali under the blanket and the ill-behaviour made all the housemates go against the singer. Although he was punished for his act, Ali was later slapped by Sonali when Punnet Issar revealed that Ali had made some harsh remarks against the "Xpose" actress. Sonali was then punished for physically assaulting the singer. She has been nominated for the remaining weeks of the season.

Punnet Issar's Physical Violence against Aarya Babbar: During a task, Puneet became violent and pushed Aarya. The veteran actor was then evicted but returned to the house a day after he apologised. Thereafter, he was kept in a jail for a few days inside the house.

Diandra Soares-Gautam Gulati Closeness: Diandra and Gautam set tongues wagging when they displayed some public display of affection. They were often spotted kissing each other in front of the cameras. Diandra was also seen pulling Gautam inside the bathroom, which left the audience guessing as to what must have happened inside.

Karishma Tanna's Makeup Kit: Karishma has been a star attraction of the show from the beginning of the season. Karishma, in a task, had a fair chance to release her good friend and now eliminated Sushant Divgikar from the role of "sevak" but instead, selfishly chose to get her make-up kit back. All the house-mates were shocked with her decision.

Diandra pregnancy rumours: Rumours of Diandra being pregnant surfaced after after she fell ill during the last few days before her eviction. The super model denied the rumours and said that she was not pregnant and needed medical treatment as she was not well.