Salman Khan
Salman Khan Varinder Chawla

It's been a hectic week at the Bigg Boss house with temper tantrums flying high but as the weekend draws near, what will be show's host Salman Khan's reaction?

This week, courtesy of the luxury budget task, the house's most volatile contestant Armaan Kohli lost it and started verbally abusing Kamya Punjabi and VJ Andy. He went on about Kamya's discordant marital status and mocked Andy for his effeminate nature. Armaan acts also injured Eli. The broadcasters let the entire matter be seen on national television and issued only a warning to Armaan.

The second major incident happened when an enraged Tanisha tossed away her usually composed nature and pushed Kushal during the task. The incident led to Kushal leaving the house only to be brought back later. And what the Bigg Boss decided was nomination of Tanisha and Kushal for eviction. But Gauhar was seen refuting Bigg Boss's decision and called it partial. 

Salman has till now maintained a safe stature when it comes to Armaan. He has humorously taken the episodes of Armaan's outbursts with Gauhar, Eli, Andy and very recently Kushal. But the gentleman image that Salman carries towards women might force him to act otherwise while dealing with Kamya's incident, where Armaan mocked her for being divorced and even called her frustrated.

On Thursday's episode, Kamya was seen shedding tears while speaking of Armaan's abusive stint. And this might be a major push for Salman to take matters on his hand.

As for Tanisha, Salman's approach towards the actress has mostly raised speculation. It has been alleged that Tanisha's strong family connection to the film industry has resisted the mischievous host from passing any remark on her or pulling her leg. On Tanisha-Armaan's intimacy, the superstar merely issued a warning and let go the incident. Also last week when Pratyusha confronted Tanisha, Salman made the actress forgo the argument saying it was not worth it.

The actress on Thursday acted her mature self as she apologised for her unruly actions towards Kushal and pledged that she would never again let anger get the better off her. But it remains to be seen whether Salman reprimands her for her actions or this time too lets Kushal be his subject of amusement.

Salman, before the show's beginning, had expressed his displeasure at his host position, as it meant taking a stand in situations. The "Dabanng" star had also confessed that he had lost his cool previously on the show and would not like to repeat such situation.

Previously, the show has seen difficult contestants in Akashdeep Saigal (Sky), Imam Siddiqui, Sapna Bhavnani and others but it remains to be seen how Salman tackles this season's unruliness.