Tanisha Mukherjee
Tanisha MukherjeeReuters

Actress Tanisha Mukherjee appeared quite upset on Thursday's episode, as her family evaded meeting her.

On Thursday, housemates were given the remote control task, which saw the visit of several family members of the contestants. The house turned into an emotional scene with the entrance of each guest.

While Andy and Kamya's mother made a brief appearance in the show, Sangram's was visited by actress girlfriend Payal Rohatgi. Gauhar too got a sweet surprise from her sister Nigaar Khan, but it was a different story for Tanisha.

The actress who has not been contacted by her family till date was hoping for a visit from her mother (Tanuja) or elder sister (Kajol). As one by one guest kept filtering in, the actress visibly turned gloomy. 

At one point, the dejected actress even was recorded saying to herself, "No one will come to meet me. Neither my mom nor even my sister."

Saddened with the non-appearance, the actress later found comfort in Armaan, whom she kept hugging sporadically. She even told Armaan that he was her support in the house as the actor advised her to remain strong and brave all the odds.

As surprising as it may seem, the top Bollywood family has till now refrained from making any contact with the actress.

Tanisha nether received a Diwali gift when the other contestants did, nor has she recieved any video or audio message from her family. Even her wish of speaking to her mother has not been fulfilled yet.

It has already been reported several times that the actress's family is irked with her proximity to Armaan. Reports of Ajay Devgn being desperate to get Tanisha out of the house in the coming weeks also did the rounds.

Tanuja recently got angry when she was asked about her daughter's equation with Armaan. She firmly evaded the situation and refused to comment on it.  

It now appears that the actress will keep getting cold vibes from her family as long as she is friends with Armaan.