Rumours of family tension regarding actress Tanisha Mukherjee's stint in Bigg Boss 7 have been rubbished by close sources.

Initial reports had it that Tanisha's family was offended by her decision to enter the reality show. They were understood to be further irked with her intimacy with Armaan Kohli. Then speculation that Tanisha's brother-in-law Ajay Devgn has been threatening the show's makers to get Tanisha eliminated, followed.

Lack of communication from Tanisha's relatives also heightened rumours of a possible displeasure in the family.

However, contrary to reports, Tanisha finally received a warm letter signed by her mother this week, along with a collage of family photos; thus putting reports of family tension to rest.

And now Tanisha's PR firm has issued a statement: "The Mukerji and Devgn family is extremely non-interfering and in fact has always supported each other's decisions. Tanuja and Kajol had shown their support for Tanisha in the opening episode of 'Bigg Boss'," reported Press Trust of India.

The statement further clarified that no attempts were made by the family to get Tanisha out of the house: "Once she's locked away and they (her family members) haven't been always available, it does not mean that they are unhappy with her being on the show and want her out. Tanisha has taken 'Big Boss' as a challenge. Her family is at the most missing her, but is not against her decision and nor are they trying to pull her out."

And moreover, the actress' elder sister Kajol spoke up for her sibling and justified her actions.

"I watch the show regularly and I will support Tanisha because she is my sister. I don't think I have any advice for her because that place is such... It puts you in an unnatural situation and compels to get the worst reaction out of you," Kajol said.