Bigg Boss 7 contestants Armaan and Tanisha
Bigg Boss 7 contestants Armaan and Tanisha (BiggBoss/facebook)BiggBoss/facebook

Tanisha appeared displeased when Kushal told her that her image on Bigg Boss 7 was that of a lovelorn woman, who was rejected by Armaan.

On Friday, Kushal will be seen having conversation with Armaan and Tanisha. He reveals to them the reactions of the masses to the show and informs Tanisha that her friendship with Armaan has been projected to another level.

When questioned by Tanisha, Kushal revealed that the actress' image was that of 'a girl madly in love with Armaan'. He also added that it appeared to the majority that Armaan did reciprocate the actress' feelings.

Tanisha, on learning of the reactions, appeared upset and walked out of the scene, stating she wanted to exit the show this week itself. When Kushal tried to explain that the image could be changed in the coming days, she replied that she wanted a discussion on the topic.

Armaan then nonchalantly asked Kushal whether Tanisha was in love with him, since she had never told him any such thing. But Kushal, defending Tanisha, told Armaan that her actions spoke of her feelings.

Later Armaan advises Tanisha against listening to Kushal and to remain unperturbed. The actress finally calms down and responds by giving the actor a hug.

Tanisha' adverse reaction at being called lovelorn is surprising, since it was only days ago that she had indirectly spoken out her feelings to Armaan. The actress even blushed when Armaan asked her how much she was in love with him.

Apart from the Tanisha-Armaan love story, Friday's episode will also see Andy and Sofia pitted against each other for the house captain role. Unfortunately for Andy, captaincy evades him yet again, as Sofia is voted the new captain.