Tanisha Mukherjee
Tanisha MukherjeeReuters

Reality show contestant Tanisha Mukherjee was in for a pleasant surprise as she finally received a letter from her family.

The "Neal n Nikki" actress found solace after over two months, as the actress' mother Tanuja communicated with her via a letter, reported an entertainment website. 

The actress, who was visibly upset and homesick in recent episodes, was in for the surprise when she received the warm letter along with some family photos. The yesteryear actress, Tanuja, in her heartfelt letter conveyed that Tanisha was being missed and her family was proud of her for being dignified.

Her mother also appreciated the actress, thus putting the rumours of her family being irked with her equation with Armaan to rest. Tanuja pointed out that that she was a regular viewer of the reality show Bigg Boss 7.

The letter will surely bring the much needed smile to the actress's face, who had recently lamented over her family's absence in the house, during the course of a task. She was recorded talking to herself sadly. "No one will come to meet me. Neither my mom nor my elder sister," she said.

In the last weekend's episode, actress Sonakshi Sinha appeared on the show and told Tanisha that her family member's missed her specially her niece and Kajol's daughter Nyasa.

The Bollywood family's surprise letter may also be related to the reports of Tanisha being back in demand, courtesy her popularity in the reality show. Rumour has it that Tanisha's manager has been flooded with offers requesting for Tanisha's appearences in year-end bashes.

After all the mudslinging at the actress on the reality show, Tanisha's family seems to be happy with the fact that she has returned with a bang overcoming the hiccup of her faulty film career.

A similar letter was also reportedly delivered to Armaan.