Inmates of the Bigg Boss house woke up to a heated argument and blame game on Day 31.

Just as VJ Andy was seen rebuking hell mates Kushal and Sangram for their childish act of disturbing him in his sleep late night, the breakfast table held another sight. A meager issue of 'parathas' in breakfast led to Salman Khan's favourite Eli Avram shedding tears.

Eli accused Kamya, who was in charge of making the breakfast, of deliberately being indifferent to her and cried out to Tanisha and Armaan. Kamya on the other hand got pissed off at Eli for her attitude and explained that none of the inmates were servants.

Tanisha, meanwhile, accused Gauhar Khan, the captain of the house of overlooking her duties and being biased.

She calls Gauhar's attitude rude while the latter tries to make Tanisha understand the situation and justifies that she is acting as per rules. This led to a verbal altercation between Kushal and Tanisha, as he defends his friend Gauhar.

To sort the issue, Bigg Boss is seen giving a chance to both parties to present their case and vent out their complaints.

Here again, Tanisha continues her tirade against Gauhar, which the captain justifies. Even Kamya was seen supporting Gauhar and debunked Tanisha's arguments as baseless.

Further, model Asif spoke out about the hell mates torturing him in the medal saving task, to which  Andy, Sangram, Kushal said that the torture was playful and harmless and involved smelly socks and undergarments.

Later in the day, Gauhar pacified Eli and the young actress was seen sorting out her difference with Kamya. Meanwhile, Tanisha after her failed attempt to justify her accusations against Kamya was seen lamenting to Armaan that all the housemates were conspiring against her in attempt to portray her in negative light.

In a venom spitting of sorts, Andy was recorded advising friend Gauhar that she should look for some one better than Kushal as he is way below her standard. Gauhar and Kushal share a close relation but the duo haven't opened up on their realtionship status yet.   

Tanisha, better known as sister to actress Kajol, has hogged the limelight for her proximity and biasness towards Armaan in recent weeks. She was also recently given a veiled warning by Salman Khan. With the actress' snobbish attitude growing on the show, it remains to be seen whether she makes it safe through this week's nomination, which also includes Kamya Punjabi, Armaan Kohli, VJ Andy and Shilpa Sakhlani.

The preview to the next episode held a far greater twist with clips of the Hell side of the house being destroyed by masked miscreants. An apparent shift of all the Hell mates to the Heaven side is also said to be in the pipeline.