Sofia Hayat
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Sofia Hayat bid adieu to the Bigg Boss 7 house but only after Armaan Kohli got a lesson for his antics.

Wild card contestant Sofa Hayat has became the latest evictee of the show. The British singer, who had quite an explosive stay in the house, was evicted on the eve of her birthday.

During her stay, Sofia was labeled 'kerosene' for indirectly instigating major fights in the house with her untimely slips. Her revelation of Sangram backbiting on Armaan had caused a major tension at the house.

On Saturday, Armaan was reprimanded for his aggressive behaviour and foul mouthing by host Salman Khan. Initially, the Sofia-Armaan matter was highlighted but the hot-tempered actor defended himself by saying Sofia was equally at fault.

However, Salman stepped in and stated Armaan's abusive acts towards Sofia were appalling. He said that Armaan's behaviour towards the Brit shamed our culture.

When Armaan tried to justify himself by saying he had limited issues with specific housemates, Salman refuted the claim and stated his negative and violent attitude in the house was a poor reflection of his personality on screen. He even pointed out that Armaan's brash behaviour towards Tanisha was a sorry sight, since the actress had always stood by him.

Further, Tanisha was also questioned by Salman regarding her submissive attitude towards Armaan. The superstar asked the actress to stand up for herself and not be bullied by Armaan. This was Salman's second advice to Tanisha for the same.

He further took up the repeated arguments between Kushal and Armaan, and humorously noted that in referring to each other as "Kaalia" and "Buddha", they proved they are Amitabh Bachchan's ardent fans.

The superstar also congratulated VJ Andy on becoming the house captain after 12 weeks.