Bigg Boss 7 contestants Armaan and Tanisha Argue
Bigg Boss 7 contestants Armaan and Tanisha ArgueYoutube Screen shot Bigg Boss

Tanisha and Armaan's friendship seems to be wearing out, with the latter taking repeated digs at the actress.

This season of "Bigg Boss" saw a budding friendship between Armaan and Tanisha, which became the subject of heated discussion, as the duo were often spotted getting intimate. But in recent weeks, things have taken a different turn and appear to be getting worse.

The once strong friendship of Armaan and Tanisha is facing rough weather, thanks to the actor's hot headed nature.

Tanisha, who was initially seen as a mature and understanding girl on the show, turned out to be quite partial after being associated with Armaan. But when it was Armaan's turn to stand up for his friend, the result was quite the opposite.

When Tanisha recently complained to Armaan about Ajaz's unflattering comment about her, the actor shrugged off the matter. He told her to speak for herself and distanced from the entire matter. If one recalls, Tanisha was the one who stood by Armaan throughout and faced flak from Kamya and Shilpa. Interestingly, Armaan at that point too did not defend Tanisha and countered her by asking why she was speaking for him.

Armaan's behaviour towards Tanisha has mostly been recorded as rude and cold when it came to taking a stand for the actress. In the infamous Kushal-Tanisha episode too, the actress was slammed by the entire house, but Armaan chose to stay silent. Instead, Salman had to step in and speak up for the actress.

Just days ago, the middle aged actor had slammed Tanisha as she acted friendly with Ajaz. He gave her a cold shoulder and acted pretty rudely, which was obvious to the cameras. Armaan's behaviour is shocking and it appeared that the actress was not his friend, but a maid who acted on his orders.

On Tuesday's episode too, the actress was seen trying to speak to Armaan and confronting him for making derogatory statements about her to others. Not only did he take pride in insulting the actress, but also unapologetically added that downing the actress and favouring the Kamya team is his present game strategy.

Tanisha was later seen getting caught in a huge row between Armaan and Sangram. Armaan blatantly vented his anger at the actress and blamed her for spreading negativity and siding with the other party. Candy had to step in to handle the situation.

Previous day too as Sangram was speaking to Tanisha, he had a fit at the actress and threw away things. Tanisha tried to pacify him but got an earful in the process and was ridiculed for her attitude.

Tanisha's calm demeanor and mature behaviour is appearing to take toll on her as Armaan continues to bully her whenever a crisis strikes.

The issue was also discussed by inmates Gauhar, Kamya and Ajaz on Wednesday's episode. While Gauhar said that Tanisha appears unfazed, despite the repeated attempts by Armaan to disrespect her as a woman, Ajaz added that she should consider her reputed family background and speak up against the actor's whims and abusive behaviour.

Despite all the debates and discussions, the major question is will Tanisha take a stand for herself and speak out against Armaan ridiculing her? The actress had once said on the show:  "Loyality is my biggest strength as well as my biggest weakness."