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A major development in the Kushal Tandon story has surfaced, with reports suggesting that Salman Khan apologized to the ousted contestant of reality show Bigg Boss 7.

Kushal Tandon, who had recently been ousted from the show has been the subject of discussion ever since. The television actor was thrown out of the house for his alleged violent act against fellow contestant Andy.

The seventh season of the reality show was already under severe flak when the infamous Tanisha-Kushal episode took place. Tanisha had pushed Kushal, which was looked upon as act of violence. However, things turned worse when Salman Khan, the show's host sided with Tanisha and ciricized Kushal. He reasoned that Tanisha was provoked and hence she pushed Kushal.

Even though the superstar had explained that Kushal had disrespected a woman and used foul language, it could hardly be ignored that Salman's act appeared nothing but partial. In the recent episode when Kushal reacted to Andy's provocation, he was ousted from the house citing violence. The decision obviously did not go down well with the major chunk of the audience as repeated allegations of the show and its host Salman Khan being biased did the rounds.

Kushal in an interview with Zoom TV has now shockingly revealed that Salman had apologized to him for the entire fiasco, but the clip of the superstar's apology was cut out from the episode.

It is assumed that the show and channel producers did not take the superstar's apology very well and removed the clip believing that it might have serious repercussions on the show's and channel's image.

The actor also said that he held no grudges with Salman saying: "If I were on his place, if I had known Tanisha for long and worked with her brother-in-law, I too would have been biased for people closer to me."

"But since he is a superstar, he should also look from the point as to what is right and what is wrong. Like that of Armaan Kohli's repeated abusive actions which have been continuously ignored over time," he added.

As the never ending debate of the fair and the foul continues, there have been reports that the house is willing to bring the actor back into the house. Online campaigns supporting Kushal's return have come up and it remains to be seen what happens next in the controversial reality show.