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Actress Payal Rohatgi has spoken up for boyfriend Sangram Singh and voiced out her concerns about the groupism in the Bigg Boss 7 house, which has made the latter a scapegoat.

Post the Rajneeti task, Sangram has been facing a tough situation at the house. After his fight with Armaan and then Pratyusha, he has not been able gel in with the inmates and was seen pouring his heart to Heaven, the golden retriever.

Speaking for the humble natured wrestler, his girlfriend and actress Payal said that the other inmates had been bullying Sangram.

"I think Sangram has been targeted from day one. I feel he is getting cornered by all. Few days back, Armaan had said that Sangram is a double dholki, but in reality he isn't one. I don't know why Armaan is painting a wrong picture of Sangram in the house", the feisty actress told Bollywood Life.

Rohatgi vented her anger on Armaan, who has often used expletives and made derogatory remarks against the wrestler and his profession at several occasions.

"I was quite shocked since Armaan belongs to a respectable family. He is constantly using explicit and abusive language in the show. He even called Sangram "do takey ka aadmi" (Cheap). Still Sangram spoke to him politely."

She also dug up reports of the middle aged actor's past relations, where Armaan has been accused of abusing his girlfriends including actress Ayesha Jhulka.

Payal also added that Kamya, Gauhar and Pratyusha have been unnecessarily targeting Sangram with an attempt to spoil his name and image.

The actress was shocked when Tanisha of all people called Sangram 'spineless'. "I think Sangram is being made a scapegoat. He never cried in front of me but just because Armaan used cuss words is why he broke down. I'm glad he gave it back to Armaan."

On Friday's episode, the wrestler is set to be in for more trouble, as he is made to go through a lie detector test where is asked uncomfortable questions about inmates.  Sangram's candid answer is likely land him in more trouble.

"Well he will face tough times outside the confession room but I can Vouch he will speak #Truth inside Confession room," tweeted Payal extending her support for her boyfriend in the task.

Sangram had in recent days been called a turncoat and mocked for not being able to take a stand in situations. And with the lie detector test, the wrestler will only create far more ripples in the house.