Bigg Boss 7 contestant Tanisha Mukherji has spoken up on her equation with fellow inmate Armaan Kohli and also on her family's reaction to their friendship.

Tanisha's closeness to Armaan in the house was under constant scrutiny. The duo were caught getting intimate by the house's cameras on numerous occasions but have refused to admit to being together.

And finally, after emerging from the house after 105 days, the actress has termed Armaan only as her 'friend'.

"Armaan is my friend... He has supported me. I hope maine bahut logo ke dil jeete hai (I have won many hearts). I made friends in the house and will continue to remain friends with Andy, Elli and Armaan," Tanisha told PTI.

The 35-year-old also clarified that as opposed to the media reports, her family is okay with her and Armaan's friendship.

"My family is not upset with me and Armaan. Family is protective... No one will like their daughter to get involved in a fight. My family is happy with me," said the actress.

There were reports of Tanisha's brother-in-law Ajay Devgn contacting the channel to chuck her out of the house. But the actress rubbished those reports and claimed her family has been supportive and happy for her.

Tanisha's mother and veteran actress Tanuja was also present at the finale. She was left teary-eyed on seeing Tanisha after three months.

Speaking of her daughter, the proud mother said: "I am proud of her. For me, she has won the show, even if she doesn't win. I used to see the show every day. As I couldn't contact her, seeing the show was the only medium. Whenever she cried on the show, I also cried."