Sofia Hayat
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Ever since Sofia Hayat made a wild card entry into the Bigg Boss 7 house, repeated brawls have been witnessed among several inmates.

Sofia, a British singer with an abusive past, first made her entry into the caravan and stayed with Andy for a brief time, before entering the main house.

Soon after her arrival, Sofia was seen instigating an ugly fight between Sangram and Armaan during the 'Rajneeti' task. She revealed that Sangram had spoken ill about Armaan, which led to tempers flaring and a tirade of expletives.

She then had a row with Ajaz, when she called him 'chor' during the same task. In the commando task too she called him "namard"' for not carrying out his punishment. But this time Ajaz gave it back to her with another snide comment and she started weeping.

Surprisingly, she even had a problem with the usually quite Eli, and called her a hypocrite. A dismayed Eli tried to clarify the situation but Sofia  kept muttering her trademark dialogue, "This is Wrong!"

As Gauhar confronted Sangram for lying, Sofia got in between the two and called Gauhar a liar instead, and brought up evicted contestant Asif in reference. When Gauhar tried to prove her point, she bluntly said that the model spoke a bit too much.

In the 'chor-police' task, Tanisha and Sofia had a verbal altercation when the singer pointed out that Tanisha acted partial towards Armaan and was a letdown to her team. Sofia's comment on the Armaan-Tanisha relation did not go down well with the actress as she dodged the accusations.

The outspoken Sofia even took Armaan to task by calling him a bully who controlled others (referring to Tanisha). Armaan infuriated with Sofia's direct statements warned her, but she continued mimicking his antics.

On Thursday's episode another confrontation between Andy and Sofia occurred, as she told Tanisha that Andy had foulmouthed Tanisha and Armaanls bond. When Andy confronted Sofia, she blamed the whole argument on Andy and called him a 'gameplayer' who talked behind everyone's back.

It has been seen in the past episodes that Sofia often creates chaos just when some peace has settled in the house. She has proved to be fickle minded in some cases and failed to take a stand. She was earlier seen voting for Andy as house captain, but then offered to change it, creating a mess out of the situation.

 Similarly, her initial vote for Gauhar as best performer in the commando task changed instantly, when Armaan manipulated her and asked her to vote for Tanisha.

Even though she has been in the house for just over two weeks, Sofia has managed to make quite a few enemies.  On the weekend episode, host Salman Khan too had referred to Sofia as "Kerosene Oil' for instigating fights in the house and it appears that she intends to prove Salman right.