Kushal Tandon
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Reality show Bigg Boss 7 has gotten all the more interesting with reports indicating the return of ousted contestant Kushal Tandon.

Just as reports of show's host Salman Khan apologizing to Kushal made news, a major twist is expected in the form of the actor's re entry into the house.

The television actor, who was thrown out for his violent act against Andy will be recalled and is likely to enter the house on Wednesday i.e November 6, reported Times of India. The actor is due to arrive in Mumbai on Tuesday from Lucknow, where he spent Diwali and will re-enter the house the following day.

The report corroborates Kushal's recent statements where he had said that if the public wants him back in the show he would oblige happily and not just reappear on the show on producer's call.

"The show makers did ask me to get back. However, I won't go back simply because the producers want me to. If the nation wants me and calls me back, I will return. It would mean that I was right all along. And I will go back as a winner," Kushal told Hindustan Times.

"The producers are planning an online poll; the results will decide my entry. I have also heard that people have started an online petition on Change.org urging my return to the show," he added.

So after all it can be said that Kushal's reappearance is part of a bigger game plan of the show's producers'. The house is presently at a critical stage with the newest task "Rajneeti" (Politics) causing havoc among the inmates and Kushal's timely entrance will only add fuel to the fire. 

Interestingly, there were reports of Salman disapproving Kushal's re-entry into the house but with Kushal's reappearance it seems the superstar will have to eat his own words. If one recalls, when Gauhar re-entered the house Salman had mocked her stand saying if he were in Gauhar's place he would never have oame back. But if Kushal returns, all eyes will be on Salman's reaction.

It can also be assumed that Kushal's comeback might be the producers' attempt at winning back the section of audience, which had slammed BB7 as biased and fake and voiced criticisms openly on social networking platforms. Not only was the actor's ouster decried, even Salman's partiality towards Tanisha-Armaan was slammed.

If Kushal makes an entry on the house on Wednesday, it is most likely that actor will be seen on Friday's episode.