Bigg Boss 7
Bigg Boss

Day 40 at the house saw the entry of a brief guest who turned out to be an astrologer and Kushal is elected the new house captain.

After an event packed day, the consequent day held another surprise visit. It was no family member visiting this time but an astrologer. The guest went on to meet each of the contestant and was seen interacting with them.

Also known as a face reader by the name of Janardhan Baba, the physic goes on to predict a succesful futures for Pratyusha, Kushal, Andy, Armaan and Sangram, who he says will further excel in his field of sprts and has a bright future. Eli laso gets predicted of marrying a businessman and getting fame in her movie career. 

After a meeting with all the house mates, the astrologer predicted five contestants who would make to final five. He pointed out the names of Armaan Kohli, VJ Andy, Kamya Punjabi, Sangram Singh and Eli Avram for final five.

With Eli's name being nominated this week along with Asif, Tanisha and Kushal, it remains to be seen with the predictions hold true and Eli escapes the weekly nomination.

Apoorva on Bigg Boss's order points Armaan, Kushal and Eli's name for being the most difficult during his captaincy. A vote by housemates results in Kushal being elected as the house captain from the other two.  

Another interesting moment was noticed when Armaan suddenly becomes sensitive with the numerous cameras around the house. Sitting in company with Tanisha, he points out that 11 cameras were being focused at them to which Tanisha reacts by hiding her face.

The actress then suggests that if Salman Khan further complains about them hanging out with each other she would point out that they are unnecessarily being targeted since everyone hangs around with their friend in the house.But Armaan dissuades her proposal saying that the superstar's advice should be respected since him being a senior. He further stalls the actress' proposal that everyone understands the situation and no explanation is required.

The day also sees verbal altercation at various points between good friends Andy and Sangram. Also, the inmates are alloted with the task of performinng a holy ritual (Havan)  to drive away the neagtivity in the recent days.The task to keep the sacred fire burning is to be done in pairs and  has contestants taking turn inm pairs.

Meanwhile, in an interview with Colors TV, evicted contestant Vivek reveals that Kamya and Armaan are the top contenders for the show's winning spot. He talked about Gauhar-Kushal's intimacy and alleged that the inmates were afraid of him since he was an outsider and knew from previous episodes of their bitching sessions against each other. He said this prior knowledge of his led to his early ouster from the house.