Kushal Tandon
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The Salman Khan-Kushal Tandon sorry game in Bigg Boss 7 has taken another twist, with the former claiming his words have been misconstrued.

Kushal has been in the limelight ever since his ouster from the show for violent acts. He went on record to say that Salman had apologised to him and created quite a buzz.

But on BB7's Saturday episode, a displeased Salman openly said that Kushal had unnecessarily taken advantage of the situation. The superstar said his apology to Kushal was a formal gesture of letting bygones be bygones but the television actor had twisted it otherwise and gained "mileage' on it. 

To clear up the mess, Kushal in a recent interview has come out defending his statements, saying that his words were blown out of proportion and portrayed in negative light.

"I am really upset that whatever I said after my eviction from the Bigg Boss house has been misinterpreted. It's true that Salman sir (Khan) apologised to me but it was just to cheer me up," clarified Kushal to Times of India.

Further explaining the controversial case of 'sorry', Kushal said, "On Saturday's episode, when Salman sir told me that my behavior towards Tanisha was very rude and that I shouldn't have passed personal comments regarding her weight, career or sister during our fight. I got upset, my face fell down and I was quite during the entire episode, that's when Salman sir told me Kushal your like my brother and if you have felt bad, I am sorry. I told exactly the same thing to everyone but I don't know why everyone including the media is making a hue and cry about it."

"I have nothing against Salman sir. I can never say anything wrong about him as he is not only my inspiration but I also idolize him... He is the same guy who told me that Kushal I see a star in you and you have a bright future which means a lot to me. Salman has always praised me on the show what else I can ask for," added the former Mr India.

Kushal's post oustal interview may have gone against him as Salman did not think highly of the actor's loose statements. But Kushal would have to work hard to get back into the good books of the superstar, well known for his hot-headed temperament.

Also since there are increasing speculations about Kushal returning to the show, it is of utmost importance that the actor patches up with the show's host Salman to avoid any future face-offs.