Kushal and Gauhar
Kushal and GauharColours TV Screenshot

Former contestant of Bigg Boss, Kamaal R Khan recently expressed his disgust over contestants Tanisha and Armaan and Gauhar and Kushal getting intimate in "Bigg Boss 7."

Earlier this week, the show witnessed an emotional turmoil between couple Gauhar and Kushal. As the upset model locked herself in the bathroom, Kushal repeatedly entered the bathroom to console her, giving rise to numerous comments from fans.  

Taking things further, Tanisha was recorded taking Armaan to the bathroom, under the pretext of a chore. The couple was lodged behind closed doors for several minutes before coming out nonchalantly.

Kamaal appeared to be appalled with contestants defying the cameras. "I can't believe that girls and boys are having sex in washrooms in #BiggBoss7 and producers are showing it on national TV...I just want to know why parents of these shameless people don't commit suicide before seeing their children having sex on national TV?" posted the self-claimed film producer on his social media page.

 "These duffers don't know that there is no camera in washroom but there is mic so all... can be heard."

Taking digs at the Khan and Mukherjee family, he wrote, "Salaa khan girls ne khan kaum ki aisi maa bahan kardi ki Ab tho khan naam se hi sharam aane lagi. Lagtaa hai khan naam se hi hatana padega."

"Even Tanisha ne aaj mukharji family ki waat lagadi. Ye pani ki balti andar bathroom main lekar aona. Kaya #BiggBoss7 dekhne wale bacche hain."

He also questioned Tanisha's double standards. "Tanisha refused to shake hand with @SunnyLeone to prove that she is very good girl but Is it an act of a good girl, whatever she was doing today?"