Kamya Punjabi
Kamya Punjabi at Comedy Circus Ka Jadoo Grand FinaleWikipedia/Sony

Television actress Kamya Punjabi became the latest contestant to be evicted from reality show Bigg Boss 7.

All the contestants of the house except VJ Andy were nominated this week. Ajaz, Kushal and Gauhar were found guilty of discussing nominations and, as punishment, all the house members were nominated for the rules break. Andy was excluded for being the house captain.

Kamya was considered one of the possible contenders for the show's finale. On the "Ticket to Finale' task, the actress gave a tough competition to wrestler Sangram Singh and emerged equal winners.

The actress, who is generally known for playing a vamp on the small screen, had maintained a dignified stint during her stay in the show. She was seen voicing her opinions clearly without any reservations and gave her level best, when it came to weekly tasks.

Initially, the actress got off to a bad start with Gauhar but over time both female contestants bonded well and shared an amiable relation. Kamya even considered Gauhar as the ideal contender and had said the model was like her; strong and clear-headed.

The actress' chequered relation with Andy was also the highlight of the show some weeks ago. Kamya held it up against Andy for playing with her baby daughter's photograph. Eventually, the actress patched up with Andy and let him become the house captain.

With Kamya's exit from the house, only two ladies - Gauhar and Tanisha remain - along with other contestants; Sangram, Ajaz, Kushal, Armaan and Andy.

Incidentally, Sangram will now directly go to the show's finale, as he had won the task and has been saved this week also.