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Reality show Bigg Boss 7 has turned a war zone between two teams. But there also appears to be a war brewing between host Salman Khan and actress Gauhar Khan.

The weekend episode has Salman bashing contestants but most prominent among them was Gauhar Khan. Salman's equation with the model turned actress has gone for a toss ever since the Kushal-Tanisha episode and became worse with Kushal's exit.

On Saturday, Salman had a go at Gauhar again when he pulled out the actress' for the 'just a face' comment on Eli during one of the tasks. The superstar's soft corner for Eli has been evident all throughout the show and yet again he proved his favour, when he told Gauhar that her comment on Eli was personal. He also chose to ignore Tanisha's 'cook' comment on Gauhar.

As Gauhar kept trying to explain her point of view, Salman cut in and asked her to stop. He said that her comment was an attempt at demeaning Eli to a mere pretty face with no other credentials. When Gauhaur tried to clarify, Salman just went ahead saying that it is the view of the entire country.

Salman had also defended Sofia's act of walking out on Gauhar saying that it was Sofia's wish to do whatever she wants. At this Gauhar pointed out that it was impolite to walk out of a conversation, Salman waved it off and astonishingly added that she talked too much and did not let others speak.

The superstar no doubt attempted to act fair when he questioned Tanisha and Andy mocking Gauhar's medical condition. But it could not be ignored that the actor's approach was partial and it became evident with the "UnfairSalman" hash tag appeared on Twitter.

The star also ignored when Gauhar pointed that Armaan's repeated apologies after abusing others had become a regular feature.

In the last weekend's episode too, Salman had made fun of Gauhar's decision of returning to the house by saying that if he were on her place he would have stood his ground.

With Salman's recent antics, the most discussed topic on social networking sites over the weekend was Salman's victimisation of Gauhar and him favouring Tanisha.

A female user prominently asked, "#UnfairSalman why targeting Gauhar? If he is really a man he should treat evy1same."

Salman also took to Twitter and eventually could not face the share of negativity and posted, "BB fans who don't like Saturday and Sunday's episodes, please don't waste your time, sure u have very important things to do...Seriously if u don't like plz don't watch, even if one family member does not like it the rest should respect that and change the channel."

However, despite Salman's displeasure, it can hardly be ignored that over the weekends the actor has been seen getting into disagreements with Gauhar. And on Saturday, he himself said that it may seem that he is targeting Gauhar, but that is not the case.

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