Kushal Tandon
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Kushal Tandon on re-entering the Bigg Boss house has shown a marked difference in his attitude and even extended an olive branch to Tanisha.

The actor's well known tussle with Tanisha has been the highlight of the show. But on his return to the house, Kushal appeared quite friendly towards Tanisha. Not only did he hug her, he also apologized to the actress.

The television actor later accepted his faults of foul mouthing Tanisha and patched up with her.  Apart from clarifying the issue, the actor also informed the actress about how the audience was reacting to the show.

His revelation that Tanisha was being perceived as woman hopelessly in love with Armaan, did not go down well with the actress and she got upset.

From Kushal's earlier stint in the house, the actor is known for his mischievous and naughty antics. Hence the actor's sudden goody role has brought his motives into question.

Later Tanisha was seen discussing her equation with Armaan and it appeared that the actress was concerned about the negative feedback she had garnered. "I came here to look like a successful producer, successful actress, strong and confident," she told him.

Armaan, however, calmed the actress down and explained to her that she had to get a hold of herself and not let such issues affect her. .

With the development, it seems plausible that Kushal might be trying to create a rift between Armaan and Tanisha.

Not just Tanisha, the actor also had a message for Armaan. He said that Armaan's parents were concerned about him and had asked him to stay away from Andy. Surprisingly, Armaan took the advice seriously and was seen mulling over the issue and discussing it with Tanisha.   

With Kushal's comment, it appears that the actor is on a mission to break into the opposition's strength. His first target was Tanisha and Armaan's friendship and if that doesn't work, he might be attempting to dismantle the growing Tanisha-Andy friendship, playing on the strong Armaan card.

Has Kushal genuinely changed and come to the house with an open mind or is it his way of making it to the top? Only time will tell.