Imam Siddique
Imam Siddique to return as wild card entry? Ex-contestant demands whopping ₹ 1 crore as feeFacebook Imam A Siddique

Reality show Bigg Boss Season 7 might get a taste of previous year's notorious contestant Imam Siddique.

Siddique, known for his controversial stint in BB6 as per rumours would make an entry into the show's seventh season.

"Yes, Imam is supposed to enter the show, in its final weeks. While none of it has been signed on the papers, Imam has been approached, and he is also keen to show his antiques inside the Bigg Boss house again," revealed a source to The Times of India.

The fashion stylist known for his eccentric temperament and weird sense of style proved to be a difficult contestant in the last season. He was also thrown out of the house for misconduct with fellow contestants and even made Salman angry with his tasteless replies.

With Siddque's entry speculations, another thing that comes to mind is the presence of VJ Andy in the house. Till now, Andy has proved to be the house's entertainer and attracted attention with his crazy antics several times. But if Siddique were to enter the house there would possibly be a clash of personalities.

On BB7's premiere episode Salman had referred to Andy as bigger item than Siddque, which obviously did not go down well with the latter. He went on to metaphorically say on a social networking site that Andy was a 'tacky cut-glass' as compared to his "Classy Crystal" self.

However, on being asked the stylist on his second possible stint at the BB house, Siddique said, "None of it is confirmed yet, but if I get a chance, why won't I go? I was one of the best performers last year, and it is a shame that I did not win. I would love to go back and create more dhamaka in the house if I can go."

Another report also stated that the fashion stylist's entry in the BB7 house will be as an undercover agent, who would keep a track of the contestant's activities.

Siddque had recently lashed out at Salman Khan via social networking site and alleged that the superstar owed him money for a project where he was assigned as a choreographer.