Gauhar Khan (Reuters)
Gauhar Khan (Reuters)

This week's wild card entrant Ajaz Khan claims to be a spoilt brat and wishes to instigate fights in the house.

Ajaz, the actor who has also starred in films like "Rakta Charitra" and "Allah Ke Banday", is currently lodged in the separate housing area Caravan but will soon make an entry into the main house.

However, the actor has elaborate and devilish plans on entering the house. His priority as assumed is Gauhar Khan, who is presently Kushal's close friend.

"I'm going there to save Gauahar, to remind her, what a good man is like. My mother says, if you see a donkey every day, you start loving him too!" said Ajaz to Colors in an interview, adding that he would also sing for dame Elli Avram and impress her.

The actor also has something for the other inmates, "I will stand up to Armaan and not be silent in front of his abuses. I want to tell Kamya not to be fake, because you're on TV. Be real for the game. Mainly, I'm going there to be friends with Heaven, because I'm not a dog lover and I want to be one."

The new entrant opines that Apurva has a clean image and sympathies to his side but is friendless. And regarding Vivek, Ajaz said the yoga teacher was not wild enough and hence was thrown out after a brief stay.

He also promises that he is going to be a difficult person since he is very spoilt, pampered and even referred to himself as crazy.

In a dramatic statement, the actor calls himself a tiger and says, "When a tiger walks in the jungle, the rest of the animals smell his scent and change their path. This is what will happen in Bigg Boss house, I will rule it!"

The Bigg Boss house has already witnessed numerous ego clashes and fights for dominance and with the entry of Ajaz we can only expect more of those.

Along with Ajaz, Candy Brar - Kushal's controversial ex-girlfriend - also made a wild card entry into the house.