Bigg Boss 7 contestants Armaan and Tanisha Argue
Bigg Boss 7 contestants Armaan and Tanisha ArgueYoutube Screen shot Bigg Boss

Day 73 at the Bigg Boss house witnessed a noisy scene as Gauhar's team took on the reins of the luxury budget task.

Gauhar who was leading the team was seen at her vocal best and even made personal remarks at the opponent team.

In the task, Sangram was asked to spin the hula-hoop for certain duration. When the gold medalist wrestler delayed in performing the act, Gauhar questioned Sangram's credibility of being an international sportsman.

Andy got defensive and asked her to refrain from referring to anyone's career, but the model countered saying that it was her point of view. Later, Armaan too added in chauvinistic tone that Sangram was worse than a woman and lacked sportsman spirit.

When Sangram confronted Gauhar, the model initially denied talking about him, but was seen continuing her rant against Sangram.

Ironically, Gauhar, in a previous episode had voiced her displeasure when Tanisha had referred to her cooking skills. The model had added that she would never do that to anybody.

The matter worsened when Armaan once again lost his temper and shouted at Tanisha, prodding if wasting time was her team's strategy or if they were simply incapable of doing the task.

However, Tanisha hit back saying that his injuries were taken into consideration the previous day and several leeways were given to the other team as well.  At one point Armaan shouted at Tanisha and asked her to stop talking, but Tanisha refused to back down and told Armaan that he too should stop talking sometimes, which led to the actor flaring up. Gauhar was seen trying to calm Armaan down and control the tense situation.

Later, Armaan pointed to Tanisha and her team's unfair game but the actress denied that there was anything unfair and stood her ground.

Finally, Gauhar's team withdrew from the task citing unfair treatment from Captain Sofia, and Tanisha's Team that included Andy, Sangram, Ajaz and Sofia were declared winners.