The catfight between Tanisha and Gauhar refuses to die down as the duo has now been embroiled in another mess in the event of the luxury budget task.

Gauhar and Tanisha have never been the best of friends in the house and the events at the Bigg Boss house have only escalated the tension.

The women in the event of the 'Rajeenti' task took digs at each other, which ensued in an intense verbal fight.

As per the task rules, the members of the two political party had to engage in a debate and voice their opinions in support of their party leaders. While Gauhar, who has been known for her vocal stand in most issues, took to the mike and spoke in favour of party head Kamya, Andy spoke for Eli, the other team's leader.

Gauhar spoke of Kamya being the ideal and truthful leader as opposed to Sangram who had failed his party as a leader. But the speech did not go down well with Tanisha who butted in. The actress, who had throughout the task been bashed by Armaan was seen trying to unite her meandering party members and made personal comments about Gauhar.

Tanisha made personal remarks at Gauhar and referred to her as the house's 'cook' for her chores at the house. This obviously offended the model turned actress and led to a heated altercation between the duo. Tanisha further tried to defend herself saying that she had the Freedom of speech and could say whatever her opinions were. 

As an attempt to mark her protest, enraged Gauhar gave it back to Tanisha deciding that she would shun her cooking duties from then on and also asked Kamya to do the same.

Tanisha had previously bitched about Gauhaur's attempt at flirting with Armaan when the model had tried to remove a twig from his wrist. Pointing at Tanisha's insensitive comment, the model had also presented the case in front of the show's host Salman Khan. Gauhar, hurt by Tanisha questioning her character was seen bursting into tears.