Bigg Boss 7
Bigg Boss

This weekend on television reality show "Bigg Boss" saw the elimination of model Asif Azim. But the highlight of the episode was host Salman Khan speaking up for Tanisha against Kushal Tandon and arguing with Gauhar Khan.

Bangladeshi model Asif became the seventh evictee from the show as the week witnessed a double elimination, the previous being Vivek Mishra.

Incidentally, both Vivek and Asif were wild card entrants and got eliminated in the same week.

Asif's stint in the house was fairly good but he had his share of altercations with Armaan Kohli, Andy, Samgram Singh and Kushal.

The model, who entered the show in September, had difficulty in communicating with other inmates due to the language barrier.

Salman lost his temper over the controversial scene between Tanisha and Kushal. With blatant accusations at Salman's favourite Tanisha, the superstar spoke up against Kushal's mistreatment against the actress in a task and justified her reaction of pushing Kushal as only natural.

Salman got personal citing his own references and said if he were in Tanisha's place he would have throttled Kushal.  

At this, Kushal's close friend Gauhar came in his defence. She called Salman's judgment as partial and got into an altercation with the host.

Salman also reprimanded inmate Pratyusha for calling Tanisha a cheap girl. Salman also threatened that "Big Boss 7" might be his last season of the reality show.

The focus then shifted on Tanisha, who had used a derogatory term against Gauhar and had linked her to Armaan.

Salman lost his temper at Gauhar but her rock solid clarification on the matter made him roll back to the Tanisha-Kushal issue and he feebly told Tanisha's pushing Kushal was not feasible. 

Later a hillarious song performance by Asif, Andy and Sangram had Salman cooled down the situation and had the actor rolling on the floor in laughter. The actor turned back to his charming self and was seen teasing Eli.

A new isolated living area on a motor van called Caravan has been set up without the knowledge of the house inmates. Adding to the twists, two wild card entries - model-actor Ajaz Khan and Kushal's ex-girlfriend Candy Brar made a secret entry into the caravan. The duo will temporarily live in the separated area and observe the inmates through a live feed and later enter the main house.

It is speculated that ousted contestant Asif might be called back, made to stay in the caravan and later make a re-entry into the house.