Bigg Boss 7 contestants Armaan and Tanisha
Bigg Boss 7 contestants Armaan and Tanisha (BiggBoss/facebook)BiggBoss/facebook

Armaan Kohli's alleged girlfriend Tanya Kapoor has opened up about her relationship with the actor and has also revealed that she is happy with his equation with Tanisha at the Bigg Boss house.

Refuting claims of her appearance in the reality show, Tanya has spoken in favour of the actor's friendship with Tanisha.

"Yes, Armaan and I were more than friends ... we had met just a couple of months back and our relationship was developing, but it's fine, people do move on in life," Kapoor told Hindustan Times.

Tanya, who was allegedly in a live-in relationship with Armaan, as claimed by former house contestant Vivek Mishra also revealed that she had no grudges against Tanisha.

"I have nothing against Tanisha ... I'll be happy if something works out between Armaan and Tanisha," she added.

Armaan's mother Nishi Kohli had recently approved of the actor's friendship with Tanisha, but Kapoor seemed unperturbed with the development and said the Kohlis were still a family to her and her 10-year-old daughter.

On Thursday's episode, Armaan and Tanisha were seen getting cozy again as the duo kept hugging each other. Both the contestants seemed saddened by the fact that their family members failed to turn up in the house as guests in the course of the task.

The actress got emotional realizing that her family would not appear. She then hugged Armaan and called him her support in the house.