Bigg Boss 7 Inmates involved in the commando task (colors video screenshot)
Bigg Boss 7 Inmates involved in the commando task (colors video screenshot)

Day 58 of reality show Bigg Boss 7 saw the inmates getting a strict physical task called 'Commandos' where they had to protect their mount and defend themselves from attackers.

An interesting episode unfolded as the inmates got together to play commandos and stood united to in the task. The task with its heavy stress restricted inmates from entering the house and limit their cooking to the garden area, which incidentally was also turned into the battle ground.

Eli, the house captain is made the Army General and is given the responsibility to control the rest of the commandos and execute the task. The inmates were also asked to protect the 'Bigg Boss Mount' as someone has to continuously keep climbing it (via a treadmill).

Eli leads the drill sessions of the commandos and encouraged their good deeds. She acted strict when Ajaz, her bodyguard in the task advised her to do so. In an attempt to maintain strict discipline, at one point she shouted at Armaan and Sangram citing unruliness.

The inmates defended their mount as well as their General from the attacks of water balloons by attackers. Four shields were provided and the inmates used it to their best to ward off the balloons.  

The physically demanding task took a toll on Pratyusha as she complained of dizziness and finally opted out.

However, Eli was found to be an incompetent leader and was replaced by Kamya, after the inmates voted for her. The television actress took upon her role suitably as she boosted the morale of her platoon with an inspiring speech and later guided the commandos aptly in the following attack.

Adding twist to the game, General Kamya got abducted by masked miscreants as ransom for her freedom is placed. On Gauhar's advise, the inmates partially agree to the ransom demands. However, Kamya is later released inside the house but without the inmate's knowledge.

Between the task, the on and off friends Armaan-Tanisha were seen acting playful as they try to hit each other lovingly with Andy being quashed in the middle. It seemed the duo had overcome the previous day's conflict as Armaan was seen pinching Tanisha's cheeks.

Ajaz was also seen warming up to Pratyusha post the actress's i-am-not-a-kid row, which had her shedding tears.

Andy, Sofia and Eli turn hilarious with their comical dance moves-cum action gestures late night during the task.

The day ended with the inmates sleeping out at night in an attempt to keep guard. Even though the inmates stood strong together and united during Tuesday's episode a turnaround is witnessed in the following day of the task.

General Kamya is back and has a spat with commando Armaan, when he refuses to walk the treadmill complaining of a backache. Following arguments, Kamya decides to court martial Armaan.

Another row is witnessed between Sofia and Ajaz when the former gives it back to Ajaz for hurting her. She even calls him unmanly for his repeated acts of disrespecting women.