Bigg Boss 7 contestants Armaan and Tanisha
Bigg Boss 7 contestants Armaan and Tanisha (Photo: ColorsTv.BiggBoss/facebook)ColorsTv.BiggBoss/facebook

Reality show "Bigg Boss 7" has turned into a love nest for contestants Armaan Kohli and Tanisha Mukherjee with endless instances of physical intimacy.

Armaan while speaking to Rajat Sharma recently opined that his equation with actress Tanisha was a private affair and hence he would not speak about it in public.

However, the duo's consistent display of intimacy on the show's final stage has revealed enough about their personal lives to the public.

On Friday's episode, Armaan and Tanisha were caught kissing and cuddling in more than one instance, which appeared quite bizarre given the show's primetime family slot.

On one occasion, Armaan was seen asking for a kiss, which the actress happily obliged and demanded the same back from the actor. Their playful flirting was the focus of camera attention as it zoomed close enough to give the viewers a slice of their private talks.

Shockingly, Armaan was seen kissing Tanisha yet again and this time on the lips, which even left the actress numb for a second. The duo was later seen discussing the slip and joked about it as Tanisha assured it would not be aired.

An uncensored clip from the show also showed the couple discussing marriage plans. Tanisha was recorded telling the actor that his family's assumption on their relationship status was based on their actions towards each other in the show and hence was justified. Armaan went to the extent of saying that the marriage might be considered from three-four months from now, as the actress smiled coyly.

Apart from the couple's mushy antics, Tanisha appeared quite enraged after being told of her 'doormat' and repressive image by Rajat Sharma.

She was seen shouting at the cameras as she stated, 'If I weren't independent then I would not have come on this mother and sister would have managed to stop me". She also revealed her desire to exit the show this Saturday, as Armaan stepped in to comfort her.