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Newly elected house captain Armaan's pleasant attitude has gone for a toss as he fought with Tanisha and also abused Ajaz.

Day 47 at the Bigg Boss house began on a sour note and indeed the show stealer is Armaan, the house captain this week. As opposed to his previous day's calm temperament, Armaan acted his natural hot headed self yet again.

The episode has Armaan ironically warning his close friend Tanisha to maintain distance after repeated instances of PDA over the past weeks. The actress does not take this comment lightly and goes on to confront him but he waves her off and refuses to listen to her. His attitude towards her is pretty cold as he budges her off disrespectfully. From the actress's clarification, it appears that Aramaan is pissed with Tanisha bonding with other people at the house and hence ignores her.

Only recently, Armaan was seen lunging at Tanisha when Andy was voted out by the house members for plotting nominations. The middle aged actor unhappy with Tanisha's reactions had warned her. Armaan's attitude towards his friends from the initial episodes has been dicey. His infamous temper and abusive language has cost him friendships in the house. It remains to be seen what happens to Armaan-Tanisha bonding post the fight.

Armaan lost his temper again at new entrant Ajaz Khan. Ajaz, who was seen having a good time the other day with all inmates including Armaan, had a tough time on Thursday.

As the captain Armaan is seen conflicting with Ajaz with respect to household chores.

Sangram's wish from the wishing wall and asks for an aide to perform the houses chores, which is granted. Sangram chooses Ajaz for the purpose. But Ajaz gets heated up and refuses to perform the duties allotted to him and an altercation ensues. It further leads to flying tempers as both men try to tower over each other. Ajaz refuses to give into Armaan's authoritative tone and expletives are exchanged between them.

Ajaz refuses to follow rules and Armaan instructs him to act as per rule. Later Bigg Boss instructs Armaan to oversee that he performs his duties in a just manner.

Meanwhile, the wishing wall of the house is set open to the inmates. An emotional Kamya wishes to meet her mother, Ajaz wishes for  a picture of his and his son be sent, Tanisha speaking for Armaan yet again wants his parents to pay him a visit and Apoorva and Gauhar convey their wish of bringing Kushal back into the house and Apoorva also wishes he be this season's winner.

Apoorva and Gauhar's wish dishearten and shock Andy who watches the entire house feed on the television set at the caravan.