Bigg Boss 7 contestants Armaan and Tanisha
Bigg Boss 7 contestants Armaan and Tanisha (Photo: ColorsTv.BiggBoss/facebook)ColorsTv.BiggBoss/facebook

Reality show Bigg Boss 7 has found a new outspoken personality in Sofia Hayat, after Gauhar Khan.

The British singer is not the one to mellow down and is toeing the line of Gauhar, who is known to be quite vocal about her opinions.

On Tuesday's episode when the fight between Andy and Armaan got worse in the 'chor-police' task, another confrontation was witnessed between Sofia and Tanisha.

Andy had stolen Armaan's leather pouch in accordance with his task of being a thief, but after the situation got worse and Bigg Boss got involved to calm down the duo, Tanisha decided to return the pouch to Armaan.

When the matter came to light, Andy questioned Tanisha and Sofia took it upon herself to put across that Tanisha's act was wrong and partial. The singer accused of the actress of being biased towards Armaan. She added that the actress had let the entire chor team down by being on Armaan's side, who took on the role of a police.

The usually composed Tanisha did not take the accusation well as she explained that it was her decision to return the item and she would give no justification for it. Sofia's hateful jibe against Tanisha continued until she left the room.

Sofia's growing animosity against Armaan and Tanisha has been witnessed in the recent episodes. Even on Monday, she nominated Tanisha  for eviction, reasoning that the actress was Armaan's puppet and seldom used her head to take decisions.

On Wednesday's episode, an interesting situation arises as Sofia makes her point clear and says that Armaan might be able to bully and controls others but that would never be the case with her. The singer is also seen mocking Armaan by mimicking his words.

Hence, it appears that Armaan's newest victim might now be Sofia and a faceoff between the duo is expected in the coming days, which will invariably see Armaan first abusing Sofia and then seeking her apology.