Actres Kajol and family  unhappy with Tansiha's antics in Bigg Boss
Actres Kajol and family is unhappy with Tansiha's antics in Bigg Boss Varinder Chawla

It seems Bollywood's Devgns are still infuriated with Tanisha's obnoxious antics on television reality show "Bigg Boss".

Tanisha's elder sister Kajol and family had earlier expressed displeasure over her liaison with contestant Armaan Kohli. Now, it has been said that the star family ignored Tanisha during Diwali, believing her activities in the house were disdainful.

During the Diwali festivities, the entire house received goodies from their families. But Tanisha was in for a rude shock as she neither received gifts nor messages from her dear ones.

"On the occasion of Diwali we decided to send comedian Bharti Singh to surprise the inmates with gifts and messages from their family members," said a crew member of the show.

"The production team started approaching family members of the contestants to give some kind of gift or message for their family members inside the house."

"Tanishaa's family, however, did not get back with anything. Tanishaa's mother Tanuja and her sister Kajol apparently ignored the production house's request and chose not to respond. So Tanishaa did not receive anything in the special episode. She was upset but she preferred not to display any emotion in front of the cameras," the source told Mid Day.

On Friday, as inmates received video and voice messages from their respective family members, Tanisha was left out of the scene. Interestingly, the actress made no qualms about missing her family and also expressed no wish to meet her family.

Tanishaa has been warned for her intimacy with Armaan even by the show's host Salman Khan. But the tides have turned as the recent episodes have witnessed a crack in the Armaan-Tanishaa friendship. The hot-headed Armaan has ridiculed and abused the actress, who hasn't reacted to the torment. 

Her docile image created quite a stir with several pointing to her inability to speak for herself. Even on Saturday's episode, Salman reprimanded Tanisha and told her retaliate whenever Armaan insulted her.

Given the situation in the house, it is only but natural for sister Kajol and mother Tanuja to express displeasure. Previous reports had stated that the yesteryear actress Tanuja had expressed reservations on Tanisha's decision to join "Bigg Boss". 

Add insult to the injury, Tanisha feigns ignorance as she was seen bonding with Armaan and even volunteered to take over his chores.