Bigg Boss 7
Bigg Boss

A hellish day awaited the inmates on the second day of Commando task with Kamya getting vicious. The day also saw another argument between Sofia and Ajaz.

Day 59 saw inmates waking in the garden area as they were made to sleep outside in the event of the luxury budget task. Kamya, who had been kidnapped returned but with a secret task. She was allotted to make things difficult for the inmates and act as opposition but keep her mission a secret all the while.

True to the task, Kamya turns mean and arrogant and shows no mercy at inmates, despite their complaints. She has a row with Armaan after the latter complained of physical discomfort and refuses to participate in the drill along with others. Further altercation between both to Armaan's being court martial.  

Ajaz and Eli face the brunt of flouting orders and are punished. While Eli is made to do continuous sit-ups, Ajaz follows with sit-ups and is made to stand in the sun. Tanisha too faces similar fate for her slip of actions. The day turns grimmer and tests inmates' patience as Kamya continues her ruthlessness.

The shrewd general in an attempt to provoke others taunts Gauhar, Andy and Sangram in the process. She punishes Eli and Ajaz again for their faults, but this time by making them stand in the swimming pool where both the contestant were visibly freezing in the water.

After standing in the pool for a while, Ajaz creates a new drama as he gets out and says his stitches on his wound would be infected. After much coxing he gets in only to come out again. This time the actor insists on using the bathroom but Kamya denies the permission. Giving a slip to Kamya he tries to go to the washroom but is overtaken by her. Frustrated he escapes to the wishing wall as the othes laugh about it.

But soon enough a row ensues as Ajaz refuses to continue standing in water. As Gauhar, Tanisha and Andy try to make him understand, Sofia butts in calling him not man enough to perform the task.

The comment doesn't go down well with Ajaz who in turn disrespects her. Sofia is visibly shaken with his nasty comments and breaks down. Guahar and others reprimand Ajaz for his comments and try to console Sofia.

Meanwhile, fed up of Kamya's shrewdness, the inmates vote for a change after Bigg Boss proposes the move. But the task ends and inmates are congratulated along with Kamya for her successful performance at her secret task.

Even though the situation appears normal at the end of the day, the next episode will witness the Ajaz-Sofia spat being dragged on further. An argument breaks out between Kamya and other inmates, especially Andy after BB reduces luxury budget points for anomalies in the task.