Gauahar Khan, Kushal Tandon
Gauahar Khan slapgate: Ex-boyfriend Kushal Tandon says accused could've carried acidReuters

Bigg Boss 7 contestant Gauhar Khan got a bite of reality on Thursday's episode, as actors Sachin Joshi and Sunny Leone made an appearance on the show.

Former contestant and actress Sunny made a brief but enjoyable appearance at the house during a dating task and danced with contestants Kushal, Armaan and Ajaz. The latter ultimately won the task and took the beautiful actress for a romantic date organised by Bigg Boss.

Soon after, Sunny's co-star from her upcoming film "Jackpot", Sachin Joshi entered the house and exchanged greetings with the housemates.

While everyone appeared to be in a light mood, the actor created an awkward atmosphere when he told Gauhar that she appeared to have a control over a few contestants in the house.

 "I have noticed you in the show... in some episodes. You try to control the two (Kushal and Ajaz) appears that they are your puppets. I felt it that way and even some of my friends did," the actor explained.

Gauhar, at that point waved off the matter and denied having any control on anyone.

However, after the actors left, Gauhar looked disturbed over Sachin's comments and shut herself in the bathroom. Kushal went in to console her and added that she should have told the actor that Kushal was her boyfriend and not puppet.

Later, Kushal and Ajaz were seen discussing the matter in the bedroom, as Kushal revealed that Sachin was friends with Gauhar's ex-boyfriend and hence his comments were an attempt to take a dig at the model. Ajaz too backed Kushal, and said that the comments were unnecessary.

Meanwhile, the day proceeded with Kamya and Sangram still lodged in the box refusing to give up. The duo even broke the international record of "Big Brother" (UK) by staying in the box for over 26 hours.