Kushal and Gauhar
Kushal and GauharColours TV Screenshot

Bigg Boss 7 contestants are dealt with a major blow in the new episode as all housemates - except Andy - gets nominated, after another slip by Ajaz and Kushal.

Bigg Boss had clearly mentioned that the breaking of house laws would invite severe punishment, as seen in one episode where the kitchen was shut down for several hours.

But the house norms were flouted yet again as Ajaz got on to discuss nominations with Kushal, ahead of the nomination day on Monday. Gauhar abstains from the process but the duo was recorded discussing possible votes against Sangram, Tanisha and Kamya.

The footage is then shown to all house members present in the living room, as proof of the gross misconduct. And as punishment, all housemates get nominated, as everyone has to bear the brunt of Ajaz and Kushal's fault. Only Andy, being the house captain, is saved from nomination.

The punishment causes dissent among housemates and the house gets divided into two parts. Kamya, along with the others, voice their disapproval for being punished for Kushal and Ajaz's fault. Gauhar is also blamed for failing to restrict the nomination talk, despite being present on the scene.

The episode will also have Ajaz pretending to fall sick, in order to draw everyone's attention. The entertainer decides to act so, after the housemates shun him for his mistake. Only Gauhar and Kushal are aware of the actor's pretension.

Meanwhile, in one of the sneak peeks, Ajaz shockingly reveals to the cameras that his highly publicised emotions for Gauhar were fake. He goes on to say that he is a family man with wife and a son and is only playing a game for the show.