Bigg Boss contestants Armaan and Tanisha
Bigg Boss contestants Armaan and Tanisha (Photo: Reuters)

Tanisha and Armaan's equation saw an interesting set back on Wednesday's episode of reality show "Bigg Boss 7."

On day 87, Tanisha and Armaan were seen sipping their morning tea when the actress asked Armaan why he was being so quiet. The actor explained that the fear of boring Tanisha and driving her away restrained him from speaking too much. The actress at this, teased him asking that if she were to go away, would he not get her back.

At this, Armaan spoke about his previous relationships and revealed that he never ran after anyone. He also spoke about his eight-year-old relationship and how he never got back with his ex-girlfriend. At this, Tanisha interjected quickly, "But it is not a relationship".

However, Tanisha's desperate attempt to make things appear normal and casual would hardly be effective at this point of the show.

In the previous episode too,  Armaan was seen resting his head on Tanisha and the actress appeared to be quite comfortable with the physical proximity, despite the presence of cameras.

Later in the day, Armaan was seen trying to keep Tanisha in the game, as he requested Kushal and Gauhar to save the actress. But the actress' ego surfaced as she refused to talk to Kushal and Gauhar to promote herself during a task.  "I love you and respect you, but don't have to stoop low to save me. I will let my friends race ahead instead," she was heard telling Armaan.

Ultimately, with Gauhar, Kushal and Armaan's vote, Tanisha and Ajaz were ousted from the 'Ticket to finale' competition, leaving Kamya, Sangram and Andy as contenders in the game.