Bigg Boss 4 Kannada
Keerthi, Shalini, Rekha and Mohan are likely to enter the grand finale of Bigg Boss 4 Kannada.Colors Kannada Facebook Page

Kiccha Sudeep-hosted Bigg Boss 4 Kannada has completed 50 days with six contestants being eliminated from the show. Now, there are 10 inmates, who will fight hard in the days to come to win the coveted trophy along with the Rs 50 lakh cash prize.

Pratham, Keerthi, Sheethal Shetty, Malavika Avinash, Shalini, Sanjana, Bhuvan Ponappa, Rekha, Mohan and Niranjan Deshpande are still in the race. With six more weeks to go, the show is expected to have a lot of drama and twists.

In the first two seasons, four contestants had entered the finale, but in the last season, five inmates were part of the last stage. It has to be seen how many will be part of the grand finale in Bigg Boss 4 Kannada.

Who will enter the grand finale this time?
Out of 10 contestants, many have performed well, thereby setting their eyes on the grand finale. Of all the inmates, it is Keerthi, who has shown a lot of promise to enter the last stage of the game. This has also been admitted by many in the house.

His involvement in the tasks and good rapport with the inmates have made him a strong contender for the grand finale of Bigg Boss 4 Kannada. Apart from him, Shalini, Rekha and Mohan are most likely to enter the last stage as they not only enjoy good fan following, but have given their best shots in the weekly tasks.

Keeping the present performances in mind, one among Bhuvan, Sanjana, Malavika Avinash and Pratham might be the fifth contestant to enter the last stage and Bhuvan has a better chance compared to others to be part of the last stage.

However, Pratham has been people's favourite, but he has been in the receiving end from the inmates for his erratic behaviour. Although he has given decent performance in tasks, he has failed to come up with a solid performance. The director might become a strong contender only if he changes his attitude and changes his equations with his fellow participants of Bigg Boss 4 Kannada.

Coming to Malavika Avinash, her performance in activities have come under severe criticism and only her fans could save her from the elimination in the weeks to come. The remaining contestants should come out with surprises in order to be part of the finale.

Below, we bring you table that shows the probables of the finale: Names Chances
1 Keerthi Most Likely
2 Shalini Most Likely
3 Rekha Most Likely
4 Mohan Likely
5 Bhuvan Tough Chance
6 Pratham Tough Chance
7 Malavika Avinash Tough Chance
8 Sanjana Unlikely
9 Sheethal Shetty Unlikely
10 Niranjan Deshpande Unlikely