Bigg Boss 4 Kannada
Pratham, Sanjana, Vanisri, Bhuvan nominated for elimination in Bigg Boss 4 Kannada.Colors Kannada Facebook Page

The first day for the 15 inmates at Bigg Boss 4 Kannada was pretty normal. They spent time interacting with each other and apparently had a good time. Below, we bring you the highlights of the day.

Milk Supply: The contestants woke up to the mooing of a surprise guest in the form of a cow named Gowri. They were told by Bigg Boss that the inmates would get double the litres that they extract from the female mammal. Together, they milked a little over seven litres and in return they are going to get over 14 litres in the day during their stay.

Team Leader: The inmates were given one Rubik's Cube to solve on the day they entered the house and none could complete it. Kirik Keerthi was the first person to solve one face of the cube. Hence, he was made the team leader of the house for a week.

Pratham's antics: Pratham has irked all the inmates with his irritating behaviour. On one occasion, Niranjan Deshpande had a heated verbal exchange with him. In fact, Deshpande warned Pratham that he was crossing his limits. Shalini and other contestants tried to calm the situation.

Elimination Process: Bigg Boss surprised the inmates by asking them to conduct elimination process themselves. Normally, all the participants secretly reveal the names of the person they want to eliminate inside the confession room.

Kirik Keerthi found a way to conduct the process and Pratham, Sanjana, Vanisri, Bhuvan and Dodda Ganesh were nominated for the first-week's elimination. But Keerthi was given a special power to save one among them and he suggested the cricketer's name. As a result, Pratham, Sanjana, Vanisri and Bhuvan are in the danger zone.

Special Package: Bigg Boss will be aired between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m.. The audience will get a special package called Night Shift which will have the clippings that were not part of the main show. Former Bigg Boss contestant Rahman is anchoring it.