Bigg Boss 4 Kannada: Pratham, Sanjana, Sheethal Shetty, Shalini, Rekha in danger zone
Shalini and Sheethal Shetty are still part of Bigg Boss 4 Kannada.Colors Kannada Facebook Page

Shalini and Sheethal Shetty have not been eliminated from Bigg Boss 4 Kannada. They have reentered the house through the back doors. Both the contestants were announced to be out on Saturday, 5 November. 

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Bigg Boss 4 Kannada took an interesting twist on Saturday after elminating two contestants from the show! Well, Shalini and Sheethal Shetty have been shown the door from Kiccha Sudeep-hosted show.

While Pratham, Sanjana, Sheethal Shetty and Rekha were nominated based on the inmates' votes, Shalini was directly nominated by captain Malavika. People had predicted Sanjana and Sheethal to be out of the show.

However, to everybody's surprise, Sheethal and Shalini have been shown the door from Sudeep's show. Especially, it was believed by the viewers and the inmates that Shalini was a strong contender to lift the Bigg Boss 4 Kannada trophy. But the sudden development has left the fans in the state of a shock.

Nonetheless, people are also hoping that Bigg Boss 4 Kannada might surprise the inmates and fans by giving reentry to the house again through the secret doors. 

In the other major highlights, Sudeep came heavily on Pratham's for his erratic behaviour. He repeatedly pointed his mistakes and urged him to change for his own good. 

Who'll be out of the show this week?
Pratham and Sanjana have been nominated for the exit for the fourth consecutive week. The audience had expected them to be nominated this week as they do have many friends in the house. Rekha's nomination has come as a big surprise, while Shalini was directly nominated by captain Malavika.

Prior to the nomination process, people were predicting Malavika to be out of the show this week. Luckily, she was made the captain of the house for this week, thereby keeping her out of the elimination round for a week.

Viewers have been predicting on social media that either Sanjana or Sheethal Shetty will be out of Bigg Boss 4 Kannada this week. Compared to other nominees, their performance and fan base is negligible. Hence, people are expecting one among the two to leave the show this week.

Coming to other nominees, Pratham has been getting a lot of support from fans although the inmates do not want him to be among them. His erratic behaviour has made him a soft target for the other contestants.

On the other hand, Shalini and Rekha are big names in their respective fields and enjoy a good fan following. So they are likely to be safe this week.

In the first week, Vanisri was shown the door while Dodda Ganesh was out of the show in the second week. Singer Chaitra was eliminated last week.