Pratham has been an annoying personality in the Bigg Boss 4 Kannada.Colors Kannada Facebook Page

Pratham has been an annoying personality in the Bigg Boss 4 Kannada. Inmates had declared him as an attention-seeker and called him a characterless person. However, that line of thought seems to be slowly changing with many contestants starting looking at positive things in him in the last one week.

Yes, the perception about Pratham among the inmates has gone for a drastic change in the last one week. To begin with, Kaavya Shastri, who was eliminated last week, told Sudeep on stage that Pratham appears to be a good boy although loud-mouthed at times.

Admitting that Pratham used to go overboard to seek publicity, Kaavya Shastri felt that Pratham's views at times are right although people try to ignore his opinions. It may be recalled that she particularly suggested him to play the game well before leaving the Bigg Boss 4 Kannada house.

Notably, during the elimination process, Rekha and Karunya told Sudeep that they would like to retain Pratham in the house, which has come as a shot in the arm for him. All these while, he did not garner any support from the inmates and the contestants only prayed for his elimination over his erratic behaviour.

Apparently, Shalini, Malavika and Sheetal Shetty too have turned soft on him and this will become a big advantage for his stay in the game. 

Pratham has been at the receiving end from all the inmates since the show took off. While the inmates were unhappy with him, he got huge support from the fans of the Sudeep-hosted show. 

A week before the last week, Sudeep took on Pratham and urged him to change his behaviour for his own good. The latter took his advice positively and promised Kiccha that he would try his best to live up to his expectations.

In the following days, Pratham tried to control himself and well-behaved with the inmates. As a result, the contestants have started liking him.

Meanwhile, it has to be seen whether Pratham, who has been consecutively nominated five times for elimination, will be pushed to the danger zone this week by the inmates despite his positive image makeover.