Bigg Boss Kannada
Malavika Avinash's dominating character has irked other inmates.Colors Kannada Facebook Page

On the first two days it was Pratham, who had upset the 14 other contestants with his irritating behaviour at the Bigg Boss 4 Kannada house. Now, people have started expressing unhappiness with the way Malavika Avinash tries to deal with issues. 

On the third day of their stay at the Bigg Boss 4 Kannada house, many contestants were seen talking about Malavika behind her back. Dodda Ganesh, Kavya Shastri, Sheetal Shetty and Mohan are unhappy with the actress' dominating nature, although none of them has picked up a fight with her.

The day started with Bigg Boss stopping the water supply to the house. The contestants were given a physical task, which was taken up by Shalini, Sanjana and Mohan to restore the water supply. On the other hand, the second part of the luxury task started with Bigg Boss asking the inmates to share one selfless act they have done in their lives.

Later in the day, yet another task was given to test their selfless nature, which required three inmates to stay awake all night. Malavika and two others sacrificed their sleep to complete the task.

Meanwhile, Pratham's relationship with other inmates has not improved yet. Everybody is upset with his erratic behaviour. "He is doing this because nobody will touch him in the house. If done this outside, people will beat him up," Niranjan Deshpande said, sharing his displeasure about his attitude.