Pratham wins Bigg Boss 4 Kannada
Pratham is the winner of Bigg Boss 4 Kannada.Colors Kannada Facebook Account

Pratham is the winner of Bigg Boss 4 Kannada. He has beaten Keerthi and Rekha in the last stage who have been declared as second and third runners up. The curtains for Sudeep's show has been dropped on Sunday, 29 January. 

Bigg Boss 4 Kannada winner: Pratham People and media had predicted Pratham's victory as he had gained massive public support. He was considered as an underdog and he had capitalised on their sympathy. Nonetheless, he remains a true entertainer in this season and won the hearts of crores of Kannadigas. Grand FInale Pics |  Pratham with Celebs - Take a Look at his Rare and Unseen Pics

Pratham has walked out with Rs 50 lakh prize along with a trophy. Coming to his background, he hails from Chamarajnagar district. He is the son of Mallanna, who is a government servant, and Lakshmi. He is an aspiring filmmaker, whose first movie Devravne Bidu Guru is in the making. Whereas Keerthi gets Rs 10 lakh as a gift from Sudeep's personal account for his fantastic performance. Rekha is the second runner up followed by Malavika and Mohan. 

The grand finale was held on Saturday and Sunday. Pratham, Keerthi, Rekha, Mohan and Malavika had entered the finale of which Malavika and Mohan were eliminated on Saturday itself. 

Bigg Boss 4 Kannada was kick-started on 7 October. Pratham, Sheethal Shetty, Shalini, Kirik Keerthi, Malavika Avinash, Kaavya Shastry, Bhuvan, Chaitra HG, Sanjana, Dodda Ganesh, Vanisri, Niranjan Deshpande, Karunya Ram, Mohan, Rekha, Om Prakash Rao, Sukrutha and Masthan Chandra were part of the show.  

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The grand finale of Bigg Boss 4 Kannada
is held on Saturday and Sunday, (January 28 and 29). With this, the show, which was kick-started on October 9, will come to an end. Pratham, Rekha, Keerthi, Malavika and Mohan entered the last stage of the show-hosted by Kiccha Sudeep. Below, we bring to you the live updates of

11.35 pm: Pratham's winning amount for the welfare of two villages in his district. The amount will be also used for poor farmers.
11.35 pm: Sudeep announces Rs 10 lakh for Keerthi Kumar.
11.27 pm: Pratham goes crazy and dances around the stage. He removes his shirt.
11.24 pm: Sudeep announces Pratham as the winner. 

11.23 pm: Sudeep fulfills five wishes of Pratham.
11.29 pm: Pratham is the winner, say our sources.
11.20 pm: One more long break!
11.04 pm: Sudeep enters the house. He switches off light and takes the two finalists on stage.
10.59 pm: Sukrutha comes out with a performance.
10.50 pm: Special videos of the last two contestants.
10.39 pm: Keerthi descibes five good qualities in Pratham.
10.37 pm: Rekha thanks Sudeep and Sunil Kumar Desai for giving her break in film industry in the form of Sparsha. She also thanks her family.
10.34 pm: Rekha had a wonderful journey. She is loved by all and remains a role model.
10.33 pm: Rekha feels every contestant who entered the show is a winner, because one needs guts to take part in Bigg Boss 4 Kannada.
10.24 pm: Karunya Ram performs on stage.
10.17 pm: Rekha is eliminated. She is happy for both of them. The actress thinks both have lot to contribute to Kannada film industry.
10.15 pm: Keerthi is safe. Pratham and Rekha in danger zone.
10.02 pm: Kruthika, who had participated in Bigg Boss 3, comes out with a performance, dedicated to Rekha.
9.52 pm: A video package on the fights in the fourth season.
9.38 pm: The eliminated contestants discuss about the next eviction. A special video package follows.
9.22 pm: Chota Nirdeshaka Award for Niranjan Deshpande, Loudspeaker Award for Bhuvan and Dancing Award goes to Om Prakash Rao and Mohan.
9.16 pm: Chota Boss Malgo Manjunatha Award for Pratham and Niranjan Deshpande receives it. He mimics Pratham and crowd goes crazy.
9.12 pm: Ads and songs between the show come as a big distraction at such a big occasion.
8.54 pm: Punching Star Award goes to Sheethal Shetty, Kannadiya Kanda Award to Sanjana.
8.53 pm: Time for Bigg Boss awards -Chota Boss.
8.51 pm: Sharmila Mandre grooves for a song.
8.40 pm: Rakshit from Putta Gowri fame comes out with a performance which is dedicated to Keerthi.
8.37 pm: The finalists recall the journey and call it as a memorable journey.
8.33 pm: All the three inmates get emotional. Pratham tells that he will be a reformed man.
8.27 pm: A special video package to show the memorable moments of the fourth season.
8.23 pm: Keerthi says that Pratham is the toughest competitor and they will be good friends forever.  
8.21 pm: Keerthi admits that Pratham is a tough competitor. 

8.17 pm: Pratham promises that the trophy nor the prize money will change him.
8.12 pm: A video on the inmates last day in the house is played.
8.07 pm: Sudeep enters on stage with Jungle mein single sher track.
8.03 pm: Chaitra kick-off the show with the song Çhaliya Chaliya. She entertains the guests by singing a couple of songs.
8.00 pm: Waiting for the Bigg Boss 4 Kannada to begin. While some report say that Rekha has won the title, some claim that it is Pratham who has the last laugh. Strangely, some claim that it is a tie between Rekha and Pratham.
7.58 pm: Let's up an end to all the rumours and enjoy the second day of grand finale episode.
Day 2 of the grand finale
Super Sunday: Just now rumours have started doing rounds that Rekha has won the Bigg Boss 4 Kannada title. Pratham has ended as the first runner up and Keerthi is in the third place.
11.20 pm: Three deserving candiates are out there to fight for the coveted Bigg Boss trophy and Rs 50 lakh cash prize. Keerthi, Pratham and Rekha have given their best and have done well to stay in the game. They are one step away from it. Who will win the game? We have to wait some more time to know it. Until then, have a sound sleep.
11.15 pm: Mohan was first to be evicted in the show and Malavika followed him. They stayed in the game for 113 days.
11.15 pm: It was an entertaining evening. The show was better than previous season.
11.05 pm: The three finalists will get to hear one wake up song.
 11.00 pm: One final day for Rekha, Pratham and Keerthi.
 10.55 pm: Now, a special package on Sudeep.
 10.42 pm: Malavika occupies the stage.
 10.38 pm: Malavika evicted. She is the second contestant to be out of the today. Sudeep tells that Rekha, Pratham and Keerthi will battle out for the trophy in the final stage.
10.31 pm: Time for one more elimination.
 10.22 pm: Sanjana and Bhuvan come up with a performance.
 10.20 pm: Mohan reveals that he will miss the house.
 10.15 pm: Mohan comes on stage. He is satisfied with his performance and happy that he has entered till here. Thanks his family.
 10.12 pm: Yedhe tumbi haaduvenu song dedicated to Malavika.
 10.01 pm: The inmates talk about Rishika Singh's performance.
 9.58 pm: Rishika Singh performs a dance , which is dedicated to Pratham.
 9.48 pm: Sudeep speaks to Rekha about her previous statement on Pratham on the possibility of his chance of winning the season. The host also spoke to Malavika on the episode where she had told Pratham that he would not win the trophy. Sudeep ends the convesation by reinstating that only viewers' votes will decide the winner.
 9.38 pm: Mohan is out of the show. Pratham, Keerthi, Malavika and Rekha have cleared the first round.
9.30 pm: The families of all the finalists on stage.
 9.23 pm: Rajesh performs for 'Chirakala irali e sneha' song from Sipayi.
 9.18 pm: The usual 'yes or no' round with Sudeep is on.
 9.16 pm: Vijay Raghavendra says he wants Rekha to win. Also feels Pratham might lift the trophy.
 9.12 pm: Vijay Raghavendra on stage. Shares what a finalist goes through a day before the finale.
 9.00 pm: Niranjan Deshpande breaks the funny bones of the viewers with his imitations.
 8.52 pm: Vijay Raghavendra, the winner of the Bigg Boss 1 Kannada, enters the stage and entertains the viewers with his performance.
 8.45 pm: All the eliminated contestants appear on stage and Shalini is given the punching bag. You know what follows next.
 8.35 pm: Shalini opens up on her experience.
 8.31 pm: Shalini dances to 'Gombe gombe' song from Annaiah.
 8.25 pm: Sheethal Shetty's special video package is played to highlight the top news across the world since the contestants entered the house three months ago.
 8.15 pm: All five finalists gather at their usual living room as they share about their journey with Sudeep.
 8.12 pm: Malavika celebrates her birthday inside the house.
8.10 pm: The clipping from previous day is played.
 8.05 pm: Sudeep comes on stage with a song from Hebbuli.
 8.00 pm: The moment lakhs of Bigg Boss 4 Kannada were waiting is finally here. The grand finale will start its airing in a few minutes despite rumours that Malavika and Mohan being evicted. There is widespread speculation that Pratham has already won the show. But some reports also claim that the final is yet to be shot.
5.30 pm: 2.30 hours to go.
 4.40 pm: Rumours say that Rekha, Pratham and Keerthi in race to lift the trophy.
 4.20 pm: Rumours say that after Malavika, Mohan has been evicted from the show.
3.58 pm:
 Rumours are rife that Malavika has been evicted from the show.
3.30 pm: 4.30 hours to go for the show to start.

Fifty-five cameras have captured every move of the contestants and the best candidates have entered the grand finale. The show was supposed to end on January 16, but it was extended by two weeks to give a twist to the game. Below, read a brief introduction about the five finalists of Bigg Boss 4 Kannada.

 Despite being a common man, Pratham has managed to give tough competition to the popular names from the film and television industry. He is known for erratic behaviour and picked fights with almost every contestant in the house.

His oratory skills and memory power have been his biggest strengths. He is undoubtedly the biggest entertainer in the house and has earned a huge fan following among youths. The behaviour of other inmates towards him has gained him a lot of sympathy, but his critics are not happy with his self-centred nature.

 Keerthi Kumar alias Kirik Keerthi is a Kannada activist who has been recognised for his unique ways of protesting injustice against Kannadigas outside the show. His performance in tasks and other activities have earned him brownie points. He enjoys a good fan following among netizens as well as the rural audience. People accuse him of displaying arrogance in parts and trying to intervene in others' issue.

 Actress Rekha has won the hearts of the viewers with her simplicity. She has not displayed artificial emotions and has remained more or less the same person from the day one. Apparently, she enjoyed her stay in the house and has been honest in her views. She is the top contender to win Bigg Boss 4 Kannada.

Mohan has been balanced person inside the Bigg Boss 4 Kannada house. He has tried to give his best in the tasks. Although he is the most senior person in the house, the actor left his ego behind and has been a normal contestant like all the others. His patience and perseverance are his biggest strengths.

 Malavika is the most popular personality among the all five finalists. The actress and politician has struggled to adapt in the initial stages. But her performance improved gradually. Apparently, her ego was hurt many times, but she never lost her cool. The inmates accuse her of not being sportive when receiving negative feedback.

Below, we bring you the live updates of the show: